Join Us For 2 Great Rides in 2019

The 6th annual Oregon Cancer Bike Out is a full day of mountain biking fun!  Race your bike down the thrilling trails at Wanoga Sno-Park, one of Central Oregon’s best trail system outside of Bend.  Trails for this year’s event include Funner, Tiddlywinks, Tyler’s Traverse, and Lower Storm King.

These single-track trails are “mostly” downhill. Each ride offers more than 1,400 vertical feet of descent. The recommended rider ability is intermediate, but for those who want to undergo more of a "hair-raising experience" there are a number of advanced options available. Funner and Tiddlywinks have become the trails of choice for Bend's most popular events.

We added a new event in Ashland last year. Discover beautiful Mt. Ashland and Lithia Park. 

Single track trails connecting this route include Bull Gap, Four Corners, Catwalk, Caterpillar, Alice in Wonderland, and BTI. There are approximately 800 feet of climbing near the upper portion on the route. This event requires strong intermediate mountain biking riding ability.

Find more information about the Ashland event on September 14, 2019

Find more information about the Bend event on October 5, 2019


SPECIAL: See coverage of our event on Southern Oregon television


"In the tradition of our fundraising efforts of the past 25 year's of "serious fun," a new exciting event has been added, the Oregon Cancer Bike Out. Not only are the trails an outstanding, fun adventure: but they showcase our beautiful Oregon! These events will take you into the mountains. Enjoy your ride while raising money for a worthwhile cause. You will get more than your money's worth while fighting all forms of cancer and raising awareness to help impact those you care about and love." 

Larry "Chad" Chadwick,
Oregon Cancer Ski Out / Bike Out

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